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Ozone Tube - Small

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  • We ship to all locations within the continental United States..
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Cooling down to 37 F

Cools down to sub 37 F degrees and is colder than you need to maximum health benefits.

Garage ready

Suitable for all garages and well covered decks and patios.


At 300+ gallons per hour of circulation, you’ll feel like you’ve jumped in a glacial river.

Faux Wood Exterior

Looks like a sauna with our signature patent pending design to give you that premium experience.

8 Layer Filtration

Our 8 layer filter contains filters like honey comb cotton and activated charcoal to take small sediment and other debris out of the water. And only needs to be changed once a year.

LED Lights

Our plunge looks like a cold sauna and glows like northern lights to give you the perfect ambiance for those 5 am plunges.

Reinforced and Sealed

Steel reinforced seams and rim to 4000+ PSI and coated the inside with a ice blue totally nontoxic permanent liner to ensure your water will be leak free and chemical and toxin free.

Long Lasting and Durable

Made with beyond-DIY-industry standards. Comes with a 1 year warranty. We also offer extended warranties for total peace of mind.

Wifi temperature Control

Set and monitor the temperature right from your phone on a 2.4 G wifi bandwidth, so you can inch your way down to Wim Hoff temperatures.

Cooling down to 37 F

Cools down to sub 37 F degrees and is colder than you need to maximum health benefits.

Chemical-Free Sanitation

Self-cleaning ozone system sanitizes through oxidation, destroying un wanted contaminates while you sleep and keeps your water clean and pure all the time.

No Plumbing Required

This system only needs to be filled every 2-4 months. Once you fill it up, your water can last a long time with proper maintenance.

Why Choose Us?

Because we chose you.

Fire Cold Plunge Others
Made in USA
Amazing Customer Service
1% Profits to Rite of Passage Program
1 Year Warranty
Cools to 37 F
Premium Design
<$1/day Energy Costs
Light Weight (90-160 LBS)
Built to Last
Hard-Top Sealed Lid

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