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Decrease stress. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Build resilience to challenging situations.

Modern life is obsessed with comfort. Do the opposite.

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Fire Cold Plunge

Fire Cold Plunge

Regular price   $3,995.00 Sale price   $2,995.00 Save 25%

The Fire Cold Plunge uses powerful cooling down to 37 F, 300 gallons per hour circulation, 8 layer cotton + carbon filtration, and chemical-free ozone sanitation to give you access to the coldest, cleanest water any time of day, at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. It is easy to use, set up, and has a user manualΒ and training guide. Fill it up, plug it in, set your temp, and access your best self now.

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1% profit gives adolescents a very cool ❄️ rite-of-passage.

Your purchase gives young adults an unforgettable coming-of-age experience. Participants learn to pursue meaning over comfort, embrace adversity, and gain the confidence to succeed.

"I use deliberate cold exposure daily to expand my capacity to tolerate difficult experiences. I believe cold plunge is the perfect modern rite-of-passage to help people access their best selves everyday by becoming super comfortable with the uncomfortable."

Nick Reed, Founder Fire Cold Plunge

Fire Cold Plunge - Fire Cold Plunge

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