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Hello my brothers & sisters in cold!

I'm Nick, the founder of Fire Cold Plunge.

This is my passion.

Cold helped me rewire my nervous system, take back my health and focus, and transform my life.

Our times are obsessed with comfort and pleasure. With each day, we are de-evolving from a wolf into a Shih Tzu, and our superpowers of patience, passion and purpose are diminished.

This is my family.

In everything I do, I want to be able to show up my best for those around me.

But during the pandemic, my business got crushed by supply chain disruptions.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of inventory got stuck in the port of Shanghai for 11 months and I went into a bad bankruptcy.

I lost everything and had to move my family of 4 in with my parents.

I was so ashamed and defeated.

I needed to make many big decisions quickly and somehow I found myself in depression and paralysis; unable to make even a few small decisions about my life.

My family was not getting the best dad and husband. Not even close.

I went to my little brother, John for help.

“John, it's like I'm in a fog." I said.

"I cant see a way out of debt; I cant see a way to get my family back in a better place.”

It was Christmas.

He climbed up on the roof with a Santa Claus hat on and jumped into the freezing cold pool down below.

“You gotta become comfortable with the uncomfortable... Come on!

Climb up. Jump in. Don't come out until you found your fire again.” He said.

So I plunged.

I plunged every day until one day the water was warm.

John On Christmas:

I built the first Fire Cold Plunge originally for myself.

My wife designed the aesthetics.

I said I was fine having a bucket on our porch for a plunge but she was a hard NO.

She designed the Fire Cold Plunge to look like a sauna and glow like an ice cube.

I just needed a daily rite of passage that helped me break mental paralysis, depression and claw my way out of Egypt and if not to the promised land, at least into the desert of the real.

Over time, this grew from a passion to a purpose driven small business, with the mission to give millions access to their highest and best selves every single day, through deliberate cold exposure.

I believe cold plunge is the perfect daily rite of passage for becoming super comfortable with the uncomfortable. Which is a super power today.

Cold plunge helps me get my fire back and and access my best self for the people I love.

That's why it's called the Fire Cold Plunge.

1% Profit goes to....

Our Mission

Young people need a better rite-of-passage than the risky and self-destructive attempts at self initiation we are all so familiar with today.

Cold Plunge is a way better alternative. FCP profits help create positive and guided coming of age experiences that allow adolescents to push their limits and challenge themselves in safe and healthy ways.

We create experiential programs and mentoring opportunities that culminate in a chilly final ordeal.


Imagine you could see your life, your problems, your goals, through the eyes of your some of the most powerful and loving people ever to live.

Imagine you could gain access to their clarity, their energy and their focus.

Just for a moment.

What would be different?

What would be possible?

When you find your fire, you feel super human.

Actually, it isn't super human powers you gain...

It's human powers that you RE-gain.

You step back into your humanity.

It feels good to give others your best self.

Our Team

Meet our awesome Fire Cold Plunge staff!

  • Freddie Mundt

  • Bill Arnold

  • Kaitlyn Arena

  • Anthony Kell

  • Richard Corral

  • Garrett Lacy

  • Archer Vance

  • Nick Reed

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